Monday, June 20, 2011


First off, lets not loose our heads here. As awesome and historic as Rory McIlroy's performance was at the US Open lets not have him chasing Tiger Woods or Nack Nicklaus down just yet. There have been some good performances by good young golfers in the past but few that have panned out into what we would call superstars who consistently do well in Majors or just on the PGA Tour.

Now what Rory did manage to do was unbelievable, especially how soon after his major collapse at Agusta in the Masters 4th round this was. For him to bounce back and not only play well, play consistent but also to go wire to wire for the victory gives us clear hope that maybe this kid can be one of those generational players that we can latch onto.

When he suffered such a disappointing round he did not hide, did not avoid the media, the questions nothing he owned it. He stood there and took everything that came at him like a man, no not even, took it like a PRO. This kid is 22 and there was questions on wether he would EVER be able to bounce back from such a devastating loss. Here we are just a few mere months removed from that event and he is holding the US Open trophy over his head....and it was never even close. He did it the hard way even. He went wire to wire and never shot above par once and all his rounds were in the 60’s. Granted he did not have a last round pairing with El Tiger but he stayed aggressive and ran away with the tournament.

Now we don’t want to get too far ahed of ourselves, lets let him win a second major before we put him up with the greats. Remember he has as many as Justin Rose does. The poise he showed all weekend and his behavior, his body language and his charm and his personality just seems to draw people to him. He is not a robot out there he seems to have fun but remain serious at the same time. Lets hope this is just the beginning for this young man as it could be a treat to watch him play for years to come

Monday, June 13, 2011

Mav's Take Their Tallents To South Beach

It is a sad state of affairs when the one event that looks to have gotten me to begin blogging again is the NBA Finals. The NBA, the same league that will likely be in a lockout next year and unless there are some big concessions could be in jeopardy of missing not only the season but the playoffs too.

If that happens it will be terrible, but we can at least take with us the memories of one of the best NBA Finals in recent memory. This bad boy had everything. A historic comeback, the "Big 3", the under-rated superstar, the oldest player since Kareem to win in the finals and a sick superstar who played his best game of the series with a 103 degree temperature. I hate to use this word but it was Epic.

I was happy for Dirk, I was happy for Jason Terry and Jason Kidd, heck I was happy for Dallas in general but I think I was most happy for Mav’s owner Mark Cuban.
Cuban is probably to most outspoken owner of any of the major sports. He is also likley one of the most fined owner for his actions and comments. Usually people hate billionaires, but people love Cuban. What made the Mav’s win was how he sidestepped the limelight and let the playes and coaches take all the credit. He even had the original owner of the Mav’s accept the Larry O’Brien Trophy from the commissioner. He was all class and so was his entire team.

RICK CARLISLE: - Did a masterful almost ‘zen-like’ coaching job in this series. Every time Miami made an adjustment he countered it with something even better

LEBRON JAMES - Seemed to do what he has been criticized in past playoff games with both the Cav’s and the Heat for mailing it in. People be hate’n LeBron for his actions in coming to Miami and his actions and comments leaving after the finals. His post game comments showed that he is still either very immature, a snob or just on a different planet and just doesn’t get it. He may be the best skilled player in the league but he is not close to being the best player at this point in time.

DWAYNE WADE- The Heat are his team but not even his skill could will this team to a championship. Injuries didn’t help matters either.
Dirk drinks lke a champ too!!

DIRK NOWITZKI- Soft? NOPE, can’t say that anymore. His ‘Jordan Like’ game with a 103 degree fever and injured finger couldn’t even slow him down. Mr. 4th Quarter came up at money time and delivered. He was a machine, A leader on the court, a beast. He was made in Germany and you know that the Germans make good things, you know what I am saying camera guy?? Hmmm, maybe Sham WOW should become the exclusive suppliers for those guys who mop the floors under the basket after a player falls and needs those big mops to clean up the sweat.

For not being overly engaged with basketball this past season, the finals may have rekindled my interest in the pro game. I always like the NCAA and the Madness but now the Pros are making a strong push forward.

Well this felt good to get my first blog in after a way too long time off. Looks like I may just be back on the horse and I hope that all the people who have followed me consistently in the past will continue to do so again. I now also have a Twitter Account so I may look into that for update of new content on the blog but there will be more on that once I figure out how best to utilize it. Thanks for coming back and come back soon for hopefully regular updates again.