Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tiger Jokes- Don't Want To, Have To

I apologise but before I can take the moral high ground this evolving issue I must go low brow on the Tiger jokes. I don't want to have to do it but, here we are. I can only hope that this will get it out of my system and we can move on to some actual sports related stories and comments.

Tiger's New Trophy

Gatorade and Tiger ask "IS IT IN YOU?"

Apparently, the only person who can beat Tiger Woods with a golf club is his wife

Ping just offered Elin Woods an endorsement contract pushing her own set of drivers. They said to named Elin Woods..."clubs you can beat Tiger with."

Tiger Woods is so rich that he owns lots of expensive cars. Now he has a hole in one.

What's the difference between a car and a golf ball? Tiger can drive a ball 400 yards.

What were Tiger Woods and his wife doing out at 2.30 in the morning? They went clubbing .

Tiger Woods crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree. He couldn't decide between a wood and an iron.

I always said golf was a dangerous game...all this happened because Tiger picked up another birdie.

What club did Elin use to 'rescue' her husband? A "bitching wedge".

(Politically incorrect): What do Tiger Woods and baby seals have in common ?? They're both clubbed by Norwegians !

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