Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Hits

When it was first announced three weeks ago that Andre Dawson would be enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame, he hinted that he would like to enter as a Chicago Cub. Thankfully, as it has been reported that MLB has decided to send him to Cooperstown as a member of the now defunct Montreal Expos will be honoured along with Dawson. I don’t know how Andre feels about the situation but I, for once am glad that baseball are the ones deciding what hat he wears in. Dawson will likely be the one and only player that will be going into the Hall as a Montreal Expo. The book will very soon be closed on the team and having at lest some representation before it becomes a mere footnote.

HBO unveiled a 24/7 documentary on Jimmie Johnson last night. After being snubbed by SI as Sportsman of the year it is nice that HBO has created this show. It may be interesting to see what goes into being a NASCAR driving star and hopefully brings the deserved respect to not only the sport but more importantly to Jimmie himself. It is the best of the best right now and may be in the discussion as the best of all time. Even with his short body of work his star is still bright and accomplishments can be put up versus just about anyone else who has ever been in the sport.

After dropping the first set to Nikolay Davydenko, Roger Federer steam rolled to a 4-set victory in Australia. With Rafael Nadal out the road seems to have cleared a bit for yet another Grand Slam. Anything to add to his greatness is ok by me. Hopefully he can finish out this tournament on top and start working towards padding his already impressive career stats and achievements.

A HUGE thank you to the Canadian Networks who have finally decided to do the right thing and start showing more live US College Sports, namely college basketball. Unlike the NBA you may not know the players but for the most part the games are entertaining to watch and having the option to watch a live event is never a bad thing. Short of actually giving us the option of purchasing ESPN as part of our satellite packages it is nice to see that they are all making at least an effort. (A much smaller props to Sportsnet for showing at least little bits of some AVP beach tournaments, sure it isn’t a lot but one in a while they are actually throwing a few half hours here and there. Baby steps, at least for now and that hopefully is the start of more events more frequently)


Andy W said...

What about Gary Carter? Dawson will be the second Expo in...although I hear Dawson will have a Cubs hat on hand for the ceremony...

Eazy said...

I think Gary Carter has a Mets hat on. And now it comes out that Dawson is upset about being enshrined as an Expo.

The HBO 24/7 series are brilliant. The boxing ones are beyond ex. You'll love the JJ one.