Thursday, March 04, 2010

Spring Is In The Air - Play Ball!

March is here and even though the Madness is yet to start up in terms of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, Spring Training is up and running in full force. That’s right, baseball is right around the corner. They have already started playing games. With guys wearing number 67 and 83 trying hard to get noticed and in hopes of planting a seed in managers heads for later in the season when they will become potential call ups. Many teams have a pretty good idea who they will break camp with in regards to already signed players there are always a few jobs that can be won or lost. There is usually the most player movement among the pitchers but occasionally there are some positions open for the highly toughed prospects to step in and instantly make a difference on the team and earn a roster spot.

Spring Training games are for the hard core fans, it is like pre season NFL games except the seats are not $150 a pop minimum. Like football the players in the lineups are that of the unknown for the most part and players looking to make an impression. The regulars will play a couple of innings and pitchers will take the mound for maybe an inning, 3 at the most. If you are looking to see your favorite player either watch for them early or if you happen to be at the stadium you may see them running on the warning track during the game. (Not too many sports allow players not in the game to go out for a tour on the field while play is going on)

Right now every team is in first place and anyone has a chance to make the playoffs and win the World Series. Guys are ready to go and the excitement of games and the summer are right around the corner...Opening day is not that far away now!

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Tom said...

Man, you must be big in Japan and China. It seems like where all your comments from are Asia.