Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another Case Of The Mondays

In a rare "Dark Night" for the NHL and their playoffs with no games on the schedule it was a very entertaining night with plenty of selection, especially for a Monday night. The LA Lakers had their own version of lights out as they usually do during home games as they play with the house lights down (looks cool when all the spotlight is on the court, and Jack Nicholson of course). In keeping with the "light" theme here, the Lakers, specifically Kobe Bryant shot the lights out in a blowout victory over the Phoenix Suns in the first game of the Western Final. Bryant scored 21 of 40 in the 3rd quarter and Pau Gasol and Lamar Odem actually both showed up in the same game as the Lakers cruised. LeBron may be younger and a phenom but I still back Kobe as the most entertaining player in the Association. Maybe it is the way he carries himself, or the effortless way that he moves on the court but he is the best, most entertaining player to watch. He can take over a game just about anytime he wants but also has the ability to use the players he has around him and make them better.

In addition to the NBA Playoff game there was still some hockey on, CHL Junior’s Style. The Hitmen from Calgary played the Spitfires from Windsor in each teams second game at the Memorial Cup. The game was close and competitive after Windsor got up by 3 early but Calgary came back to make things interesting before the Spitfires managed to pull away in the third. If it was Kobe in the basketball game it was potential #1 draft pick Taylor Hall who took centre stage and showed why he is regarded as one of the best junior players. Hall seems to share some similar traits with Kobe. He is a winner, he makes his team and teammates better, he has sick moves and great hands and will not back down. Both will go through a wall if he has to (in fact in the first game Hall almost went face first through the end boards, got a few gashes but was right back out there blocking shots, a warrior on the ice).

If that doesn’t scratch the itch in terms of Sports Entertainment there was also TNA Global Impact as well as RAW from the Air Canada Centre available on TV, if you are a Pro Wrestling fan. Plenty of options for good entertaining sports on a "Dark Night".

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