Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What Is Wrong With Today's Youth?

The Little League World Series is going on in Williamsport, Pennsylvania was on ABC this past weekend. Since, once again Canada has not sent a team that is in a position to compete for the title (especially after loosing to Taiwan 23-0). This is fun baseball to watch even though the field looks sooooo tiny.

Sadly what stuck out to me the most was the uniforms that the kids were wearing. Lets get one thing straight - It is NOT OK for the little douche slacker kids walking around the streets with their ironed flat billed hats, especially if they are ones that sport the logo of real teams, even worse when it is "blinged" out NY or LA hats with a picture of the skyline ion them. It is even worse when this look moves to the playing field. These Justin Beiber Looking M-F’ers wearing their hats like this on the playing field is not only annoying but is mocking the uniform and the integrity of the game. If I were the manager I would have these kids bending the brim and looking like they belong on the team and the field.

I blame the C.C. Sabathia’s of the sport for wearing their hats like this. Thankfully in the majors it is the exception not the rule that players are adopting this ridiculous look. In any event, someone needs to get to the youth of today and put a stop to the straight brimmed hipster doufaced slacker look, not just on the streets but more importantly on the baseball field.

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Eazy said...

Such an ex post! I for one have no problem with the slight bend in the peaks, but the dead straight is not cool. I have hats ranging from the severe curve to the fairly smooth, but none are completely flat. And I have no time for the half-crooked, nor the one ear tucked into the hat. Non asset to the history of the game, disgrace to integrity, H-!