Thursday, August 09, 2012

Blue Jays Bit By Injury Bug

Injuries are a part of baseball, everyone knows that. How can it not be? They play 162 games a year sometimes 2 in one day. Injuries are just a fact of the game (unless you are Cal Ripkin Jr. or Lou Gherig).

For whatever reason the Toronto Blue Jays have seem to take this inevitability to the next level. Sure, my Atlanta Braves have taken a big hit this year as well and lost some key cogs and big arms but thankfully had some good prospects in the minors to help plug the hols and keep the boat afloat. When it comes to the Blue Jays it feels like they have gone above and beyond the call and taken on a couple of teams share of guys on the DL.

In a year when it looked like they could overachieve and maybe make a run at the new extra wild card position and Boston having a lot of trouble the door looked wide open and then they started to drop like flies. When you are looking at a lineup that has David Cooper, Moises Sierra , Adeiny Hechavarria, Yan Gomes, and Anthony Gose at any given time you know you are in trouble. When you are missing bats like Brett Lawrie, Adam Lind, JP Arencibia and Jose Bautista...those are some pretty big shoes to fill and leaves the players still in the lineup exposed and far less protected.

This is just the position players. I have not mentioned the pitchers. The starters have been dropping like sacks of wet cement. For now I am going to leave that alone and do a blog dedicated to that subject and offer my opinion on why this is such a problem and maybe a possible solution going forward, so expect that in the near future. It may be enlightening to some, common knowledge to others or outright dismissed (hopefully that is not the case though).

In the mean time Go Toronto 51's...errr Blue Jays!! Use this as a tool to develop your youth and get the most out of them so when you get healthy you have young players with some experience or at least some trade bait to put you over the top. Maybe take that step to get back to the playoffs sometime soon 1993 was a long time ago.

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