Sunday, July 10, 2005

All Star Break is upon us

It is the half way point (or there about) of the MLB season at there are many interesting stories.

The emergence of an idiot pitcher Kenny Rogers. Rogers assaulted 2 camera men prior to a game earlier last week, which was caught on video. If that wasn't bad enough, it took him a weeks to address the media to "apologize" for his actions which were "out of character". Perhaps it was just his true colours coming to the forefront. Rogers was also during this time named to the Al All Star team. There was much speculation on weather or not he would accept the invitation, many figured he would decline in lou of what had transpired. But it looks like he will go to Detroit because he "earned it". This should have never have been an issue as MLB officials should have acted swiftly and properly...a 20 game suspension was handed down, perhaps just, but only equaling about 4 starts. Rogers appealed which is well within his rights, but the head boys in the commissioners office elected to hold the appeal until after the all star break, leaving it in Rogers hands. Doubtful that Paul Tagliabue would allow this in his league.

As Roy Halliday goes so do the Toronto Blue Jays. So with Halliday's recent injury after being hit on Saturday will miss at least four to six weeks with a fractured tibia in his left leg. Halliday will miss his appearance in the All Star Game obviously and has been replaced buy Matt Clement (Who should have been selected based on his solid start to his first season in Boston). After having a Cy Young caliber 1st half to the season, the already over-achieving Jays will have a rough road ahead. When Halliday goes to the mound every 4th or 5th day, you know what you are going to get, a lot of innings, a lot of strike outs and more often then not a very high percentage for a win. It will now be in the hads of an inexperienced rotation that will have to carey the load until Halliday returns, and can hopefully regain what he has to this point of the season.

The Washington Nationals are somewhat of a surprise, but then maybe not, they did have a decent core and with some quality moves in the off season have taken well to their new home. With over 30 wins at RFK Stadium so far it appears that having a stable home is what they needed. Manager Frank Robinson has been relying on closer Chad Cordero a lot so far so it will be seen if this may come back and bit them come August and September.

The Atlanta Braves continue to impress. The hit the Break trailing the Nationals by 2.5 games while rolling a line-up with a significant number of rookies in it and a pitching staff decimated by injuries. Team leader and cornerstone Chipper Jones, and starters John Thompson, Mike Hampton, and Tim Hudson are all on the DL and have been there for some time. It is good that the Braves have a healthy farm system and have been able to fill in so far. The second half should be interesting in the NL East in the second half.

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