Monday, July 11, 2005

Home Run Derby

Leave it to Major League baseball to decide to fix something that wasn't broken. This years Home Run Derby has had a facelift. Instead of having the actual home run hitters participate they have decided to try and make the game more international and have a players represent 8 different countries. With players like: Bobby Abreau (18HR), Jason Bay (16), Hee-Seop Choi (13), Andrew Jones (27), Carlos Lee (22), David Ortiz (21), Ivan Rodriguez (6), and Mark Teixeira (25). At best only half of this field should have the honour of participating in this even. Basically the fans of this one are getting the shaft. People want to see the proven stars and players worthy of being in this competition. Where are the Alex Rodriguez's, Many Ramirez's and Albert Pujols'. Why try and make this international, it stands to make little or no benefit in the eyes of international fans, and as for American and Canadian fans...Who wants to see Choi strike out in a derby? The effort was there the rational not so solid. If you want to Grow the game concentrate on the World Cup of Baseball and let that do the job, it has more potential then batting practice for a bunch of double style hitters.

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