Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Colts Taking The Pole Position

The Indianapolis Colts have a rare opportunity that few ever even dream of, the chance to go back to the days of college and play on an undefeated team. Many people are waiting with baited breath to see how coach Tony Dungy decides to go about his business. To play this years version of the "triplets" (Harrison, Manning, and James) in the upcoming three games. A case has been made by some to play the triad for a few halfs or a quarter or series every now and again to minimalize the chance of injury. A valid point to be sure, but one not without it's pitfalls. One only has to go back as far as last year when the Colts rested their star players in the last week of the season, and that only got them as far as the Patriots from New England...Where their season came to an end. This year stacks up even tougher for the Colts. Take the no huddle offence that Manning uses in games, that type of offence is dependent on timing. If extensive time is taken off by using backups, it will give the offence that "rust" that announcers like to throw about. If the whole offence only plays sparaticly the last 3 games, coupled with the extra week they have off as a result of a first round bye, that would make the better part of a month without playing at actual game speed. That would make things far more difficult come January when the offence will need to be at game speed right away. There is also the momentum issue. It is never a good idea to back your way into the playoffs and expect a successful run. Just look at baseball for a recent example... Why are the wild card teams the one most likely to win the World Series? Because they are the ones fighting to the end just to get in and are "peaking" at the right time.

Colts need to do what they do, go out and play the game the way it is meant to be played, try to win the game just like they have all year up to this point. If they go 16-0 and happen to win the Super Bowl so be it... Leave it all on the field and maybe there will be some history made.

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Malcolm said...

Very good points. "Daily quality" even, I might say. I did not take into account the Colts no huddle offence, but it is a point well taken.