Thursday, December 01, 2005

Point Shots

~ Boston Bruins...or is it the LA Clippers? The Bruins traded their captain Joe Thornton in an absolute blockbuster move. Thornton was traded late last night for 3 serviceable players from San Jose (Brad Stuart, Marco Sturm and Wayne Primeau). It has been basicly not well received by all accounts from Bruins fans, and rightfully so. Boston got no big name back and only saved about $1.5 million in cap space. Thornton obviously fell out of favour with the management but was obviously happy enough to sign a 3 yr deal early in the season and convince Glenn Murray to re-sign in Bean Town. Don’t be surprised to see Murray next on the block out of town, or goaltender Andrew Raycroft after his comments about “sitting by the phone” and “lets hope it works out”.

~ After the recent news program from CBC’s Fifth Estate, it appears that Mike “don’t call me Jefferson” Danton was the real victim in a murder for hire plot. You can’t but feel for a weak impressionable child that was “brainwashed” by an adult in a position of power. Hopefully this person won’t slip through the cracks and gets the help he so desperately needs. Only time will tell how this story will play out, but be assured that there is more truth out there to be uncovered. Side note to this story Mike’s father was arrested this morning at his work for alleged phone harasment of David Frost. The father Jefferson apparently has left various phone messages to Frost telling him his time will come and he should be ashamed with himself. Yet another strange twist to this already shady story.

~The Raptors have finally showed what kind of team they really are, and it is about time! The Raptors fell to Memphis 92-66. Wow, uh, yeah....they blow. Executive of the year - Rob Babcock, is there any doubt?

~ Barry Bonds has told USA Baseball that he intends on playing for the USA’s entry into the inaugural World Cup of Baseball. Bonds also added that he plans on reporting about 40lbs. lighter to “take pressure off his ailing knee”. Yeah, ok Barry i am sure that your knee thanks you, but a very transparent comment for sure. Lets just see what kind of power numbers he puts up next season.

~ Big weekend in the works yet again, TV fans are treated yet again. Big rivalry game between #1 USC and #11 UCLA. This will either be a good test and a warm up for a national championship meeting in the Rose Bowl, or a crushing defeat that knocks out the 2 time defending champs.
~Jermain Taylor -vs- Bernard “The Executioner” Hopkins. Hopkins contends he was “jobbed” in this defeat to the hands of Taylor in July. He contests that there is no way he will win a decision and will have to come out and knock out Taylor. Expect a good fight from top to bottom and should be a close contest right to the bitter end.
~ Plus any NFL... because it is the NFL.

~ The Red Sox have filed a lawsuit to obtain the world series ball from former 1st baseman Doug Mientkiewicz. What a joke, Mientkiewicz should just go Hong Kong and lease it to the Sox for 50 or 100 years or something and be done with it...or do it the way of the infamous “Bartman ball” in Chicago and have a public implosion of the ball, that will end the madness.

~ Tough break for Martin Havlat. Havlat dislocated his shoulder and could miss 4-6 weeks or worse case the entire season. The Sens finally have some adversity to deal with and it will be interesting to see how they respond.

~ Stacy Keibler was voted Babe of the Year in the WWE. WWE is entertainment but is also a version of sport, so why not spread some christmas cheer? Plus Stacy was a former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader in ‘98-‘99. So there is your connection. Perhaps this will be a new feature...nothing says sports like cheerleaders. It is good to show our support to these girls who help get us pumped up during our favorite sporting events or the really dirty ones who like to get it on in the bathrooms of bars.

Side note to this story, there will be no male cheerleaders involved in this feature if it is picked up.


Malcolm said...

Male cheerleaders are definitely "uncalled for." Tough break for the Sens tonight, and the Raptors!! How bad can a team be?!?!

Excellent blog as usual.

SB said...

I am all about cheerleaders that come with there own candy canes.....