Tuesday, November 29, 2005

~ WOOOOOOOO, WOOOOOOOO. A Warrant issued was for the arrest of Ric Flair. Hard to believe someone with the name Nature Boy would be in trouble with the law.

~ The Colts invited the Steelers into town Monday night, putting their undefeated streak on the line. It was thought by many that the Steelers smash mouth running game and the return of Big Ben may be the team to stop the Colts run. Indi did all that they had to to win the game easily and not show their hand in the event that the two teams meet up in the playoffs. The NFL will have to throw another lamb to these Colts next week and then we will see what happens when they meet up Wat San Diego and Seattle.

~ Apparently more moves are being done in Tampa's parking lot then on the football field.Sure it would be fun to go to a Bucs game and see Coach Chucky rip apart rookie Chris Simms,or Michael Pittman miss blocking assignments. But what would be more fun then attending the mobile strip club outside the stadium. Apparently Tampa authorities shut down a 40 ft trailer that was being used for lap dances before, during and/or after the game. Interesting idea,but it does raise the question on the quality of the talent involved. If you can't get a stripping job in a club and are reduced to performing dances in a motor home, how badly does a football fan really need to get a lap dance?? Only in Tampa.

~ Byron Leftwich won't have season-ending surgery for his broken ankle, but at least we won't have to see him playing for the Jags. It is still surprising that Leftwich is still the starter there? Maybe they should get Phillip Rivers out of San Diego.

~ Apparently the purse strings have broken in Toronto. On the heals of signing stopper BJ Ryan the Jays are heating up talks with AJ Burnett and have reportedly offered a 5yr $55 million contract to Brian Giles. Nice to see this perennial mid level team spending some money in hopes of making some advancement in the Eastern Division. Time will tell if it will be enough to make any headway on Baltimore, New York and Boston.

~ Didn't take long for teams to fall out of favour with their players. A minimum of 5 players were put on waivers today. Of note Jocelyn Thibault, Ron Hainsey, Simon Gamache, and Colton Orr(hard to believe that a player named Orr would be pushed out of Boston.

~ In one of the most creepy pieces of audio - Tapes released or obtained by The Fifth Estate(CBC Television Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET) between Mike Danton and David Frost were disturbing at best. It gives an insight of the very strange relationship between the player and agent. That may be a piece worth trying to see,but Frost did say that he loved Mike and made Danton say that he loved him too. The story was known to be messed up, but now it is just getting crazy.

~ Raptors loose yet another game, this time on a last second floater from Jason Terry versus the Dallas Mavs. Tune in next time to see who they loose to next.

~ Michael Irvin- please pick one storey and run with it. Three different stories aren't helping your credibility.

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Malcolm said...

Useless, useless Michael Pittman missing blocking assignments. Please, just block the guy coming at Simms from the blindside. It's a two-on-one block. Come one.

I hadn't heard anything about the Nature Boy. Would love to see more information in this BLOG.

Big move by the Jays. Let's hope they make some more moves and force Orlando Hudson to wear his hat straight.