Friday, November 25, 2005

Point Shots

~ Leave it to the CFL, again. Every year they "impose" a freeze on teams activity during Grey Cup Week, and usually at least one team will provide some major announcement during this time. Now, again, reports are out that a deal that will send QB Jason Mass to the Ti Cats for Danny McManus. No big deal, except mass will probably serve some time under center in this weeks Grey Cup game. Kinda sounds like a bit of conflict for a player who will probably see game action in the leagues biggest game to be shipped out of town as soon as the final gun goes off. But I suppose it would be too much to expect this league to conduct itself in a professional manner.

~ News out of The New York Daily News has reported that the Blue Jays have signed reliever B.J. Ryan to a 5 yr $47 million contract. This really marks the first big money move for Toronto in a long time. Lets just hope that this closer works out better then Dan Kolb did in Atlanta ( Another big name closer that by mid May lost his confidence and his job). Only time will tell how this will work out.

~ Jim Thome is off to the World Champs White Sox. Well, that about signs the death warrant for one or both free agents Paul Konerko and Mr. White Sox Frank Thomas. I guess once you win it once shut it down for 80+ years then make another run.

~ Paul Tracy is looking for a full time ride in NASCAR next year. It would be great to have a Canadian to root for in the top racing stage of them all. It is too bad that once Tracy makes the jump we still won't have a Canadian to root for.

~ The Colts are looking to go 16-0 and win the Super Bowl. Which is better, run the table and stop those parties held by the '72 Dolphins which is just annoying or, have them loose so they don't have that extra distraction and un-needed pressure. Last year it was the TD record chase and not the Super Bowl, lets just see how this plays out. Hard to imagine that losing would be more beneficial then winning. But here we are.

~ parlor games are fun to play pool, ping pong (or table tennis as it may be), darts... All fun and a good way to pass the time. But then there is foosball, kinda way too close to soccer which is not a sport and barely classifies as a game. That is like saying bowling is a sport. In actual sports you don't get better the drunker you get (Wade Boggs and Leonard Little excepted)

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Malcolm said...

Another great post. Soccer is still not a sport, but some parlour games can be fun. Leonard Little is a drunken murder, and J.P. Ricciardi, well, he a pimp.

Many distractions for the Colts this year, but they're still not going to with the Super Bowl.