Thursday, November 24, 2005

Point Shots

~ A week of hype is in store for us. That's right folks, it is CFL Grey Cup time. From recent reports there are no shortage of people looking to unload tickets to the big game. After the BC Lions got off to an 11-0 start tickets sold out early in the fall. Now after QB questions and questionable coaching decisions BC lost their West Finals game to the Esks, people have been putting tickets back up for re-sale. Apparently Vancouver is more of a fairweather city then one might think. You'd almost think this overall support or lack-there-of sounds more like Ottawa then Vancouver.

~ The Toronto Raptors cruised to victory for their second win of the season......errrr..... No they let ET aka Sam Cassell score 10 straight Clippers points in a 2:56 and let them back into the game late in the 4th and then promptly game the game away in a 103-100 loss to the Clippers. Leaving them still with 1 win. Hopefully there is a good rookie class this year and they will beable to score a nice lottery pick. But looking at it objectively, it won't matter. Unless Rob Babcock gets fired a Bryant Reeves esque player will be taken.

~ Those who read this blog may not be surprised to have learned that a tentative deal to send Carlos Delgado to the Mets with cash for prospects is in the works, you heard it here first people.

~ How bad off is your team if Bud Black won't even talk to you about becoming your manager. The LA Dodgers are not a strongly managed team from the top down, but that is not a good omen.

~ Turkey day at least dished us up one good game. The Lions played a typical uneven and unpredictable Lions game, and the Falcons just dominated from start to Finnish. In the Denver -v- Dallas all the billing was for a good game, and for once it delivered. The game went to OT and a surprising Bronco had the "big play" in the extra period to set up another Jason Elam game winning FG. For probably the first time since his college career Ron Dayne ran for more then 3.5 yrds with a 55 yard scamber. Sidebar, how awesome is it that Mike Andersons uniform says Mike Anderson?


Malcolm said...

Excellent posts as always. I love a BLOG that features a wide range of sporting "interests." You could say with all the sports you cover, you go from "east" to "west."

Sam Cassell is not attractive, I agree. Soccer still poos, and the Raptors are hideous. Dee Brown will be in the draft, beyond that, maybe even J.J. Redick, unless he's a freshman.

Malcolm said...

Haha, Mike Anderson is awesome, good point! I also like that Darrent Williams' jersey says Darrent Williams. Also on the Titans, is Tank Williams, whose jersey reads Tank Williams. This could be a BLOG entry.