Friday, November 25, 2005

Point Shots

~ What does it mean to be a true teammate? Lets take good ol' Manny Ramirez, here is a guy who left a solid team in Cleveland to cash in big in Boston, ok, who really wouldn't do that?However, ever since going to Boston he has been looking for a way out of Boston. Why? Because he is ManRam, and that's what he does, whatever he wants, whenever he wants...and continues to get away with it. What better situation could you want as a player, loads of money and free reign? In comparison look at a true team player. Chipper Jones has agreed to reduce his salary from $17 million next year to $11 Million, saving the team an estimated $15 million over the next 3 years. This unselfish move may help allow the Braves to either keep the team together and or go out and acquire some key components for the ballclub to chase an unpressidented 15th straight division title.

~ Back up Bo Jackson, Brian Jordan and all the other 2 sport stars. Takeru Kobayashi has taken his craft of slamming hot dogs faster then humanly possible one step further. He has entered into the world of competitive hamburger eating, and dominating that. Is there anything this guy can't eat in record time?

~ Is Mario setting the table to not be involved in the upcoming Olympics? He seems to be doing his best Drew Rosenhaus in promoting his "client" Sydney Crosby. Mario insinuated that perhaps Crosby should be the one going to Turin early in the new year. Maybe he is just laying the groundwork for him to either decline the invitation or just not outright make the team after a slow start.

~ If infact that Steve Yzerman and Lemieux don't represent Canada look for some nauseating conversation and stories from every Tom, DICK and Harry throwing out every Canadian forward or centerman into the mix to make the 2006 team.

~ Dany Heatley extends his point streak to 20 games with a goal on Friday on the Island. Still too early to call a winner on the Hossa trade but few from either team can be complaining about the play of either of these two players thusfar.

~ As this post is being created it is 22-21 for Texas A&M over the #2 Longhornes midway through the 3rd. Sure Texas will probably win and still win big, but wouldn't it be epic if it was the Aggies that squashed the National Championship hopes for Texas?

~ After all the Legal trouble Kobe Bryant has had, has he finally snapped and is setting the stage for him to become a drag queen? Seriously what is with the leggings that he has been wearing?How warm do his leg muscles need to be indoors playing basketball? Looks a little "fancy"from this perspective.

~ Certainly Duke is Duke, they are ranked first more times then Leave it to Beaver.....RE-RUNS

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