Monday, November 28, 2005

Point Shots

~ Another Grey Cup has come and gone. As usual it proved to be a competitive game with two evenly matched teams. If you can get past the lower end quality of play and some of the silly rules the league has implemented you can always be assured of a decent championship game.

~ Jay Feeley is one step from going the rout of Jose Cortez and getting cut. After the Giants kicker missed game winning field goals from 40, 54 and 40 yards. In a game that the Giants needed to win they had ample chances to do just that but a series of drives ended with kicks that landed well short of their destination. The Giants may be looking at this game as the reason that they aren't in the playoffs.

~ Pound for pound LT is the best player in the NFL. A powerful runner with quick lateral moves and supreme downhill speed. That total package single-handedly won the game for the Chargers over the Redskins.

~ The Lions fired coach Steve Mariucci. Only hard thing to understand about this move is why was Matt Millen not let go as well? Now he is in charge of hiring another coach and probably drafting another underachieving or injury prone wide receiver. Maybe it should be a clean sweep in the motor city, and start fresh.

~ The Senators game Saturday versus Boston started well and ended well for Jason Spezza. After striking just 34 seconds into the game on a Dany Heatley rebound he added "stole" a goal from Andrej Mezaros on a tip in on a rocket of a point shot then tallied 2 assists to figure in on all 4 of the Sens goals in the game. Spezza was also then honoured the weekly award for top offensive player in the NHL. Not a bad week for the young center.

~ Pete Rose's eligibility for the Hall of Fame has expired. Not that that means anything. If baseball decides to put Rose in, then he will be in, regardless of any "rules" that they may have in place. If the NHL can exempt Gretzky and Lemieux from the mandatory 5 yr wait (in which Mario has since come back to play), it will take very little to place Rose in the hall. Another "solid" stance by Major League Baseball.

~ One of two things are going to happen, the Braves are going to win a 15th division title in the East, or the Mets will have finally made the moves necessary to dethrone the most consistent team in baseball history. The Mets have bolstered their line-up with the recent transactions involving two very high profile players. Carlos Delgado (who will stand for God Bless America), and closer Billy Wagner. This is starting to look like another New York team throwing money around and hoping to get lucky with big name players.

~ Michael Irvin, if in fact you are telling the truth, please remember in the future to rid yourself of questionable material in your car and pay your tickets. We all know you have had some mis-adventures in your past and have owned up to them like a man. Keep on the straight and narrow...Remember "there's no hope with dope".

~ Chad Johnson's TD celebration was right up to "par" with the bar that he himself has set. After Scoring a TD Johnson took the back pilon out and used it as a putter to strike the ball as a tribute to Tiger Woods. Classic Johnson, can't wait till the next TD

~ Annika Sorenstam, despite being shut out for the second year in a row in the skins game, she is still the most dominate player on the LPGA tour and has been for some time. The LPGA doesn't get a lot of press, and rightfully so even though there are some up and comers that will make the tour more marketable in the near future, however, Sorenstam is either the Tiger of her tour OR Tiger is the Annika of his tour, many in the know believe it is the latter.

~Miguel Tejada says he isn't mad at former teammate Rafeal Palmero, but hey, people say things to the media they don't mean. Palmero is a porn-stasch weating, "blue" pill popping, "B-12" shooting liar (aledgedly). It would be very surprising if Tejada wasn't holding back a little after Palmero basically threw him under the bus buy trying to implicate him earlier in the year.

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Malcolm said...

Excellent posts as always, and the graphic signature is very "daily quality." I also like the "use" of quotes and links and photos.

Feely was awful on the weekend, and might soon be picking behind Matt Kellett. Michael Irvin, stop hitting the crack pipe. It's not good for you, and it hurts your free radicals. Go Habs Go!