Thursday, November 17, 2005

Arround The Horn On Sports
~ Another Nextel Cup season is nearing the end and it looks like the same old story. A dirty undeserving driver will win the championship (to be fair Tony Stewart is actually a good driver and isn't as dirty as he used to be, lets just call him greasy), and it also looks as if Jimmie Johnson will place himself in second place....yet again (possibly for the 3rd year in a row). Don't discoun't the hottest driver on the circut Carl Edwards but things are looking to shape up not well for Jimmie. Sometimes it looks like Johnson is trying to kick down a wall and not a door.

~ 50 games for 1st offence, 100 games for second offence and lifetime ban for 3rd offence. It is about time baseball trys to clean itself up, even if it was the governments prodding to actually make this happen. Basicly what this means is- Get Out and Stay out Rafael Palmeiro , take your pornstash and Viagra and stay at home

~ Congrats go out to Atlanta braves bench boss Bobby Cox on becoming the first manager in the majors to be named coach of the year 2 straight years and now have won the award 4 times tying Tony LaRussa for most all time.

~ Terrell Owens---- Sorry this is a TO free zone, can't give him any more undeserved publicity.

~ Michigan hosts their bitter rivals from Ohio this saturday, usually this is a crap shoot game, needless to say it won't be appearing on any of my proline ticket this week, however with that being said it seems that the team that has the most to lose, ends up losing. Stay tuned for yet another epic battle in the Big House in Ann Arbour.

~ USC -vs- Texas in the Rose heard it here first, or not whatever, still will be a good championship game. BCS still sucks either way.

~ Who would have thought that the Vancouver Grizzlies record for losses may be underfire this year, especially by their former cousins the Toronto Raptors. We know this team was bad but this is starting to not be funny anymore, what an embarrasment. How Rob Babcock keeps his job trought the season is beyond me.

~ Charlie Villanueva ..... wow, not an NBA star in the the making and still very ugly.

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Malcolm said...

Very good blog. I like the old Around the Horn, and whenever I can hear not only pornstache references but also comments about Charlie's unattractiveness, I will be a frequent reader.