Monday, November 14, 2005

Line Changes
With the newly formed line of the Ottawa Senators with the likes of captain Daniel Alfredson, Jason Spezza, and newly acquired Dany Heatley there have been such debate on what this current powerhouse line should be called. Radio stations and print media in the nations capital have been running contests to name that line, and for the most part, simply....People are idiots. Sure this is a great line right now and can do no wrong, but you name a line and that is basically the kiss of death, the line will fall off in production, players will be moved around for new looks and/or secondary scoring. Even if they do stick for the entire season the names that have been batted about are weak at best, many taking a paragraph or the verbal equivalent to explain, some are just uninspired and most are just lame. Time that we just enjoy what they are able to accomplish thusfar into the season and call them Line 1, or Scoring Line 1. No different the Checking Line or Line 4. Sure, not overly creative but you don't sound like a jackass when you say it, and it is pretty much to the point. Nobody needs to be a hero on this, just shut up and enjoy


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Malcolm said...

Thanka-you for the daily quality insight, and for stepping up to the Mike.