Saturday, November 22, 2008

NFL Week 12 Picks

Last Week was an 8-7 week so over .500 but not by much need a strong 10+ week soon!
Cleveland to cover but Quinn's injury could pose a bit of an issue
KC has been decent the last 2 weeks and at home may keep it close
Tennessee to stay undefeated and score late to cover
New England because coach Bill is bitter over loosing last time to Miami
Frank Gore to keep his team close in Big D
Tampa because they are playing the Lions
Eagles just because i am praying that there isn't a tie for Donovan's sake
Chicago in hopes special teams are good, the offence may not put up 8 points on their own
Adrian Peterson and the Vikings to run over Jacksonville
Oakland to stay close to Denver even if they have no right to
I trust Matt Ryan more then Delhomme and Carolina
Washington needs a win and needs to play big vs Seattle
Giants because the defence is just good but I'd rather see the Cards win in this one
Indi with San Diego struggling and Manning needing to pad some stats
Green Bay as long and Breese throws for less then 367 yards

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