Sunday, November 16, 2008

No Country For Young Man

After attending the second leg of my 5 game pack that I got that includes 3 Senators games and 2 World Junior Games I am starting to see a similar theme. Firstly, not unlike the first game it is still interesting to attend a live sporting event alone. To put it in another way you feel like a Man Without A Country when up in the upper bowl by yourself, on your own Desert Island. At least this time the seats to my left were empty giving me a little extra room. If you have ever been in the 300’s at Scotiabank Place you know it can be a tight fit. On the other side was a very attractive girl that appeared to be with her little sister so at least that took away some of the sting, even if her finger did have a huge rock on it. Clearly this one was taken but at least it was nice to look at between whistles. Going with at least 1 other person gives the ability to talk about something that has just happened on the ice right after it happened, which is part of the fun, whether it be good or bad.

Unfortunately the Islanders and the Bruins games it has been more of the latter. As for the game itself...not the greatest. I am not one of those fans that only equate wins as a good game but a little hope can go a long way. Entertainment is first wins are second, this one was a sloppy affair on both sides but very weak on the Ottawa side. I think the majority of tape to tape passes from the Ottawa D that connected were to the Islanders and not the forwards. The Sens are in uncharted waters right now, struggling for an identity and struggling for points. As a fan it sure is frustrating, hopefully they can pull out of this tailspin and right this ship, if not there could be some big moves abrewing. Trades, demotions, promotions, firing's who knows at this point. Who knows, maybe if things don’t work out with Brian Burke in Toronto maybe he can take over another Bryan Murray team and win a Stanley Cup. Sure it may be a long shot but stranger things have happened.

I hope that the next 2 tickets in the package prove to be better games. The next one is Canada vs Germany and if it doesn’t result in a win there will be a lot of angry Canadians...but if Germany wins you have to figure it would have to be a good game to pull that kind of upset, and it is all about the entertainment factor.

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Tom said...

I blogged a bit about this morning. But the team went to the finals, fired the guy who brought them there (John Muckler) for Bryan Murray, and since then the team has been in a tailspin. They traded away any chances they had for secondary scoring, got rid of four d-men in that time and still haven't gotten a bona fide number one goalie.

How does Murray still have a job? If that happened anywhere else, he'd be gone, and yet, in Ottawa, people aren't even calling for his head.