Thursday, December 04, 2008

Week 14 Early Picks

My apologies for missing last weeks picks. US Thanksgiving caught up to me and by then figured the rest of the week was a wash. Back this week and hoping for the best! Lets play some Fooooooootbaaaaaaallllllll!!!!

-San Diego is a disappointment and Oakland seems to either be close in games or get blown out it is feast or famin with them
-Indi in hopes that Peyton throws better then last week which was just embarrassing
-Jacksonville is a disappointment and the coach seems to have forgotten how to manage a game
-6.5 is too big a number for Green Bay to cover
-With no QB Cleveland will have a terrible time staying with the Titans
-Petterson to run all over the Lions
-Giants on the arm of MVP candidate Eli Manning? not Peyton, Eli? Ok
-Atlanta with NO being too inconsistent Brees still throws for 325+
-NE needs a win and Seatle is as good a team as any to do so
-The Gun-Singer Farve will let it fly in San Fran
-Miami because the Rogers Centre roof will be closed-watch out for Ginn Jr.
-Denver-Cuttler needs to have a good game
-Warner needs to run the college offence and spread it out and let it fly
-Dallas to get the offence rolling again
-Baltimore because i can't watch a 'Skins game no matter how good a team they are they just don't look entertaining
-Tampa Bay...I still can't trust Carolina and Jake D

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