Saturday, December 13, 2008

Week 15 NFL Picks

GB with the help of Aaron Rogers and Ryan Grant and hopes that MOJO doesn't single handidly run over the GB defence
Indi at home vs winless Lions with no Caulpepper or Johnson
Washington because Cincy is just a train wreck still
Atlanta at home with Roddy White and Matt Ryan
Miami- SF is without Gore
Seattle because they are playing STL.
Buffalo to keep the points close
Tennessee- they are still a very good tram that runs well
SD- LT is due for a big day sooner or later
Arizona air attack to limit Peterson being used effectively
Pittsburgh defence is just a powerhouse
Denver offence should keep game at least close
New England *** only if Cassle plays otherwise that is a lot of points
Giants are still a good team and if Jacobs can't play Ward should replace him well
Philly- not sure what is going on in Cleveland and Dorsey will be in tough

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