Saturday, February 21, 2009

This Blog Is Brought To You By The Letter C

Well the Ottawa Senators have delivered their stimulus package in regards to starting the trade movement in the NHL before the March 4th deadline. Yesterday the Senators pulled the trigger on a 2 for 2 deal with the New York Islanders. The Sens shipped out Dean Mcammond and San Jose’s first round draft pick this year for forward Mike Comrie and young defenceman Chris Campoli.

All season all you have heard about was we need a puck moving defenceman and someone to play the power play. Also the second favorite buzz words was secondary scoring. So in that regard I suppose the deal does make some sense. Comrie’s contract is up at the end of the year and Campoli is good next year at only $633,000. This is a deal that would have made more sense earlier on before they played themselves virtually out of the playoffs. I understand why it was difficult for Murray to make a deal in this environment as it isn’t the easiest thing to pull a deal that has a backbone involving his favorite letter....C

Seriously what is up with that? Is this how the team is going to be built? Mike Comrie, Chris Campoli...he first hired Craig Hartsburg then removed him from his duties in favor of Cory Clouston while keeping Craig Carvel as an assistant with the team and moved assistant coach Curtis Hunt to Binghamton. This is either a very interesting coincidence or the equivalent of a mission statement.

I think that the deal is not a bad one at this point and will probably lead to more movement going forward and will pave the road for some more deals, so it is too early to judge and as with most deals time will tell how this will pan out. Lets see what Murray has up his sleeve.

(We need depth and defense so may I suggest; D Christian Chartier from Chicago, D Chris Chelios from Detroit for some leadership, RW Chris Clark from Washington, D Carlo Colaiacovo from St. Louis...ahhh never mind, I have no use for Colaiacovo, never have after he was a top prospect for what seemed like 8 years. Oh and to solve any goaltender issues G Corey Crawford from Chicago and G Christopher Carrozzi from Atlanta.)

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Tom said...

You think with their play on the ice, they'd be going more for F's than C's.