Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Doctor Is In... He’ll Cure What Ails You.

Last night Roy Halladay faced off versus former teammate and friend AJ Burnett. Lets be clear on this...this was Doc vs AJ not the Yankees vs the Jays and Halladay prevailed in showing his former young protege that he was still the master.
In his first 2 years in Toronto all that you would hear on the talk shows was how bad a signing it was to acquire him for such a large amount of money. In his 3rd year (where he had an opt-out clause) he blossomed into a good pitcher and one that could potentially cash in if he so chose...and that he did just that in New York.
Last night marked the first time facing his old team and the first time that he would be pitching back at the Roger’s Center.

I figured that before the game that with it being a Tuesday night game that the crowd would be good but I was shocked to see that the place was packed with over 43,000 in attendance and as loud as it used to be back in the days when they were winning World Series. Former catcher Daren Fletcher said that he had not seen the building with as much enthusiasm ever and he had been with or around the team since 1998. For a divisional game in mid May it was something to be seen, it was as close to a playoff atmosphere as the team has seen in well over a decade. By all accounts the people got their moneys worth. Jays win, Doc get a complete game win, AJ and the Yankees lose and Aaron Hill continued his hitting assault with 2 hits including a home run off Burnett. The game length was a mere 2h:22min, typical of an efficient start by Halladay. He is probably the best pitcher in baseball and is now 7-1, perhaps even on his way to another Cy Young.

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Eazy said...

Love the Jays content!
Let's go Blue Jays
Clap clap clap clap clap
Let's go Blue Jays
Clap clap clap clap clap

Halladay showed he is the man and Burnett is a biatch who is a career .500 pitcher.