Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look But Don't Touch??

I am not a huge Pittsburgh Penguins fan or the biggest Sidney Crosby supporter. Sure, I respect his talent and ability but he just doesn’t captivate me. That being said I found it was a solid move to grab hold of the Wales Trophy after his team moved past the Hurricanes and into the Stanley Cup Finals. The same can’t be said for assistant captain Henrik Zetterberg who avoided the Campbell Trophy like it was the plague. It is similar to thanking God after a big win, like he had a $5 Proline ticket and was rooting for only your team. Not once have I ever heard a player after losing say "We were doing great and poised to win until Jesus made me fumble"

Posing for a picture, but making sure not to touch the trophy I find is just silly. I understand that it is not the ultimate goal but it is not only a stop on the path to the promised land but is a very big deal in its own right. I am sure that there are many a team that would be more then happy to grab hold of it at this point. However you look at it, it is an accomplishment and should be celebrated as such.

Teams have both won and lost after not touching their respective Conference Championship trophies. If you have faith in your team then there should be no reason not to at least acknowledge it. I was hoping that the Red Wings would do the same when they won, that way it will prove that it makes no difference one team will win and one will lose and the game is to be decided on the ice. Henrik Zetterberg foiled that plan, I am sure that had Lidstrom been in the lineup he would have grabbed hold of it. Even with the injuries I like Detroit in the finals and still kind of want to see them go back to back but the fact that Crosby bucked the trend I give him a little more street cred and may have to pull for the Pens to take the Stanley Cup back to Mellon Arena before it gets blown up. This may change how I choose to evaluate this match up.

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