Thursday, July 02, 2009

Drugs In NASCAR - A Dangerous Situation

NASCAR has been put into an interesting position in regards to the Jeremy Mayfield suspension. Mayfield failed a drug test and tested positive for methamphetamine. A judge recently retracted his suspension and open the door for him to race and enter a car into NASCAR sanctioned races. The sport is dangerous enough going 200mph with 43 other drivers and not having to worry about the guy 3 inches from your bumper being impaired in any way.

Two team owners won’t put Jeremy Mayfield in their cars this weekend at Daytona International Speedway, one because of sponsor concerns and the other because Mayfield is "marked" following his legal battle with NASCAR.

By many accounts Mayfield isn’t the most liked guy in the garage and also has a rep for being a little bit of a party guy. That alone is not a bad thing but having a few drinks and getting drunk is a far cry from doing Meth.

Big name drives such as Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson have filed affidavit expressing their feelings about having their lives endangered by having someone racing on a track agents them who may be driving at a less then sober state. He will be tested as soon as he shows up at the next race whether he drives or enters a car. The problem is it takes close to 4 days to properly run A and B samples to avoid any false results. A test on Saturday doesn’t get results until Wednesday and that doesn’t do any good.

What is even more important is what this means in terms of other sports. The Federal Judge basically is allowing an athlete to test positive for drugs and be allowed back onto the field because he needs to be able to make a living. If this was Many Ramirez does the same rule apply? Manny's 50 game suspension cost him some $7 million is wadges does that mean that he should be able to play to make a living? The potential for this grey area could be a potential issue.

Even though the sport has alcohol companies sponsoring cars like Bud, Coors and Miller. They are more socially responsible and accepted. You do not nor do you want cars sponsored by Ricky’s Meth Lab Owners and Dealers, although the colour scheme on them would probably be cool and make for a nice die cast.

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