Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Technical Foul? At Second Glance, Maybe Not

Is he the Runaway Groom? Depends on who and what you want to believe.

As it was first reported, former New Jersey Nets and San Antonio Spurs forward Richard Jefferson decided that ~maybe I don’t want to get married~ so then he let his fiancĂ© Kesha Ni’Cole Nichols know about his decision just hours before they were to exchange wedding vows. She immediately called her family and friends Jefferson choose a different approach and kept quiet for a while. Some of his friends had already shown up last Saturday for the $2 million spread. As a make up he reportedly gave his best friend his Black Amex (credit card) for the night and his guests made good use of the credit card to party at his expense.
According to reports the would-be bride was stunned, but "not entirely caught off-guard," said a friend of the family.

"She just wants to keep this as quiet as possible and move on. She’s doing just fine," a Nichols family insider this point I don’t think that that is going to happen. You gotta feel for this lady, at least a little bit.

Jefferson now has come out to clarify that he had called things off the Monday prior and emails were sent out to his people on the Monday and her people Tuesday. He made it clear that the wedding was not actually going to cost the reported amount but he did give her money to start over. He said that it was not a settlement but a gift because he felt like it was something that he wanted to do not something he had to do. I am sure there is some truth to one side and some truth to the other. It is easier to indict a player before he has time to get the truth out because it is easy to believe that a rich person is more capable of thinking that he is bigger then he is or can just do as he pleases.

I guess in the grand scheme of things even if it wasn't $2 million up front it was probably an expensive affair that was planned...whatever the figure was, for a wedding that didn’t happen is still cheaper and less painful then a divorce later down the line. All the press now is bad but would be even more intense with people saying that it is just another athlete who can't have a successful marriage or was spoiled and even more rumors would probably be spread. One can argue that he could have handled the situation a little better but he had no way of thinking that there would be such a firestorm.

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