Monday, November 09, 2009

Best And Worst

Best: Mark Martin caught a lucky break when on lap 3 a "less experienced, non cup contender lost control of his car and caused front runner Jimmie Johnson to crash out and wind up well over 100 laps back in 38th place. Johnson was in the garage as his car was pretty much rebuilt over the course of 1 hour plus. Watching the pre race interview with martin it looked like he wasn’t too worried about being as far back as he was. Kinda makes it look a little suspect. I am sure that it was in fact an accident but for Johnson to go down lap 3 and Martin to snag a solid finish and close the gap to well under 100 points. I am sure there are going to be some conspiracy theorist out there, I just hope that everything is on the up and up.

Worst: Cam Ward of the Carolina Hurricanes. He was helped off the ice and sent to hospital where he stayed for observation. Ward was accidentally cut in the leg by Rick Nash’s skate. As he left the ice he left a nice clear trail of blood that was so visible that Hansel and Greddle could have followed it. Ward will be out for several weeks at lest forcing the Canes to sign Many Legacy. Any outside hope that he may have had for a shot at the Olympics is now gone.

Best: The Tampa Bay Bucks shocked the Green Bay Packers an managed the first and probably only win of the year. No worries about matching last years 0-16 season posted by the Detroit Lions. After the high and then eventual low of the loss to Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings it looked like all the wind was out of their sails. It was probably more the lack of good play by the Packers then plays made by the Bucks.

Worst: This worst may actually be best. Woman’s soccer is possibly one of the furthest thing to legit sports and just because it is soccer - let me be very clear on that, not because it is woman, because it is soccer. After the recent video that has made its way around between BYU and New Mexico where Elizabeth Lambert, recently suspended, after grabbing a BYU player’s ponytail and slamming her to the ground. On the heals of that there is another story about 2 girls in a high school game in Rhode Island getting into a post game brawl who threw punches, pulled hair and sparked a brawl in the bleachers. The fact that these girls got up and are actually hitting each other is commendable. Usually in soccer they flop around without ever being hit and cry foul for no reason or because they didn’t get their half time oranges.

Best: Peyton Manning - nothing else, he’s Peyton Manning how is that not a best

Worst: Jaroslav Halak’s agent Allan Walsh. Walsh Twittered "Interesting stat of the night....Price is 10W, 32L in last 42 starts. Hmm.". This is why I find Twitter so stupid. It is one thing to say some funny comments but what the real purpose of it is I just don’t know. The fact that these people still don’t realize that what they put up may actually be read by the public is mind blowing. You have to figure that people are going to have a issue with an agent slamming a clients teammate is not good and neither is using gay or racist slurs. It is funny that the celebrities and sports people who hate all the extra attention and photographers will Twitter and tell all about what is going on...crazyness.

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