Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Champions Crowned

Shae-Lynn Bourne and Claude Lemieux versus Craig Simpson and Jamie Salé. Clearly the battle that everyone probably expected and were rooting for to be crowned as champions of the Battle of the Blades. After Monday’s results show the winners were announced and it was Sale and Simpson...and I could not have been any more pleased. They were both my pick and my choice to win. Perhaps it had something to do with my continuing crush on Jamie Salé but they were the best and most creative pair in the competition.

As for the concept and the show itself, looking back at it was a good idea and turned out to be much more credible then I would have thought. The Hockey players did a good job to adapt to the sport of Ice Dance. They were far less awkward then I would have thought. That speaks volumes about the level of commitment and effort that they put into it. The fact that the winning pair took home a cool $100,000 for their charity of choice (Salé and Simpsons was spinal cord research.) is a huge bonus. I don’t know exactly what the ratings were for this but it appears that it was fairly well received by the public.

The way I look at this is the same way I look at other "reality" shows and many movies for that matter. The original is usually best and should end with that. The first editions of - Survivor, Paradise Island, The Apprentice - I watched and enjoyed. Had they ended there I would have been laughing, but sadly they did not and continued to churn out season after horrible season of crap. They are not going to top what they have done and it can only go down hill from here. Just like Dancing with the Stars is experiencing now they will run out of stars. That just hurts the credibility and the watch ability.

If this could be a one hit wonder and end there they I think everyone would be better off. Sometime it is best to do the Seinfeld thing and go out on top and not end up having to "Jump The Shark".

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