Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Canada Takes The Next Step

“Hope nobody hurt their ankle jumping off the bandwagon. Miller stood on his head and Canada was in line to play Russia at some point, it may just be a little earlier then we may have wanted. Stop bitching and try to enjoy the extra game” ...

This is what I wrote on Sunday when Canada lost to the USA in the Round Robin portion of the tournament. Then there was the German game where Canada managed to beat Germany 8-2 on Tuesday. Some people were crying that they wern’t shooting the puck enough...they still managed 8 goals not bad for not shooting. In any event they moved on to face the Russians in a game where I would bet no one had any idea which way it was going to go. It was my belief that the team with the first goal would likely take the game, maybe in overtime or in the shootout but not in a 7-3 drubbing.

Mike Babcock proved that he can out-coach the Russian coach. Questionable decisions or lack of decisions were very costly to the Russians. Lines and match up adjustments needed to be made...they were not. Nabakov needed to be pulled after 20min...he was not (Russia outscored Canada 2-1 after Bryzgalov came in).

Now Canada is is still a long way from a possible Gold medal and regardless of who they play (Sweden or Slovakia) in the next round they have at least put themselves in position to play for a podium placement. A step up from the last Olympics where they ended up in a similar position to where Russia is in now.
It will be interesting to see how the rest of the tournament plays out but at least for one night Canada can hold its head high and celebrate a great win and a well played game. I just hope that they know that there are still 2 games left until the job is done. The next game has to be played with the same physicality and passion that they had tonight.

I love Pepsi but lets be real, “Go Canada Go” still is a lot better then “eh-oh-Canada-go” and I am glad that it did not catch on. Also they can cut the Ole-Ole music in Canada Hockey Place this isn’t a “Footie” or “Soccer” match.

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SB said...

Awesome opening quote....what a game!