Sunday, February 21, 2010

Duff & Comrie Engaged

I think that is is just a little bit funny when opening up Yahoo Canada that the headline reads: Hilary Duff engaged to Canadian NHL star
I am not sure what sources they are using but I find it a little far fetched to classify Mike Comrie as a hockey star. Sure it makes for a more enticing headline then to say serviceable hockey player but it is way too much of a stretch to say star.

I will extend a congratulations to the two on their impending nuptials as confirmed by Duffs PR people. "Hilary Duff & Mike Comrie were engaged this weekend while vacationing in Hawaii," the rep said in a statement to Access. "After having been together for over two years, they are very excited to share this happy news. They are thankful for all of your warm wishes."

The two shouldn't have any difficulty in furnishing a home together as his uncles Fred Comrie and John Comrie, and his father, Bill Comrie, are the founders of The Brick furniture company.

In any event I am sure that Hillary will make a nice little hockey wife. (Comrie during an interview on The Team 1200 said that she was a good little hockey girlfriend)

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