Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Beijing Olympics are almost here

Sure it may technically be the dog days of summer as they are know traditionally in the sports world, but we may be lucky this year. With the Olympics starting in just a few days we get to bypass the mid-month doldrums from baseball, the gap between what can’t be considered football at all as it refers to NFL Camps, NFL Pre Season and the CFL regular season.Tennis’ US Open is a ways away and as an added bonus with no Tiger in golf right now the Olympics will attack that itch that otherwise would have been difficult to scratch.Perhaps it is the lesser of two evils but I say bring on the tram-bamp-oline and the woman's field hockey, the steeple chase and root for the Ethiopian that is sure to take the 38,000 meters.

So settle in front of the TV, order your #39 Special with Fried Rice, Garlic Spare Ribs, Chicken Balls and the Won Tong Soup...careful of the fortune cookie, one wrong bite and they can cut up your mouth pretty bad...and enjoy.

The Olympics, it’s coming....

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