Monday, January 05, 2009

Canada-USA New Years Eve 2008

As for the second part of the New Years Eve story. Following the early game I roamed around the arena for a bit, grabbed some free giveaway cheese, which was good as i was in need of a snack, in fact i went back for a second one. Treated myself to a Jumbo Hotdog and a tallboy Coors grabbed me a set of thundersticks...not once not twice but thrice. At this point it was off to my standing room location. The giant flag worked it’s way around the arena and it was time for the USA vs Canada a rivalry renewed. The main reason that I got a ticket to the game was mostly because of the epic game Montreal Canadiens Versus The Red Army in 1975. It came with the billing of a huge game from the start of the tourney.I figured this had all the makings of a classic and I wanted to be a part of that. After the game began the building was electric. But then all that changed. Like Harry Carey would say “It 1, 2, 3” ...not strikes your out but goals had fans wondering if maybe the 2 things that should be out was Dustin Tokarski and the chances for a Canada win. That was when John Tavares took over and scored 2 goals in less then a minute and Canada managed to tie the game at 3 all. Canada then went up 4-3 USA tied it up, Then Cody Hodgson scored to put Canada up 5-4. Canada eventually potted 2 more to salt the game away in the last minutes of the game. The building was even more crazy then when the game began. You couldn’t hear yourself think, it was craziness. I am not one that usually gets loud and crazy at sporting events...this was more then a sporting event...this was National Pride. The great thing about being in the standing room was when my Thunder Stick EXPLODED in my hand I still had 1 that I was able to bang on the ledge at the top of the arena! The guy next to me stated that it was the wildest game he had ever seen, I tended to agree. The next day all over the TV and radio was that it was one of the best Junior games ever, and I believe that it was. Little did we know at the time that there was going to be a semi final game vs the Russians that would either equal and probably overtake it only a few days later with some last minute heroics that not even a Hollywood writer could come up with. I was so glad that I decided to get tickets for that game but kicked myself that I didn’t go with my gut and get a ticket for the Semi versus Russia in what will be known as the 5.4 second Jordan Eberle game.As regulars who read my blog and recall earlier events that I have attended by myself as I have had trouble recruiting people to attend events with me if the are additional “storylines” I will mention it. There was indeed and the girl to my left in the standing room was about 5’7” blond and smokin’ hot!
Now as i finish this post Canada has just won the Gold medal and I am sure I will have to have a take In the next few days after I have time to take in the true magnitude of the event.

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