Friday, January 30, 2009

Supr Bowl or Super Bore?

It is that time of the year again. The New Years Eve of Football

Usually over-hyped and built up bigger then it needs to be and also never live up to the billing...but it is an event that everyone observes and makes special plans for that one day.

The greatest spectacle in sports, the single greatest sporting event in the world, yet usually the most uninteresting game as far as play on the field. If you are a corporate sponsor or a high roller you get your VIP parties and various events to attend. For the average fan or casual observer you have the creative new commercials that they play during halftime, which is interesting because for 364 days a year people try to avoid commercials. Oh yeah, and of course the gambling. Whether you follow football or not there is something for everyone from game bets to well over 500 prop bets that can be made from the coin toss to the team that will kick the first field goal over 46 yards. This is always the busiest weekend for local bookies, Vegas and of course all the offshore online betting sites.

For the week leading up to the game it is just about media and parties and very little about football, well come to think of it even Sunday is like that to a degree.

There is no fear for a lack of coverage on TV. In Canada, CTV who hold the rights to show the game will begin coverage at noon and in the states the coverage will begin before that and going straight through to kickoff after 6pm.

Once the game actually kicks off it is your job to sit back watch the game until halftime...sprint to the kitchen reload the food and drink, hit the head, sprint back to the TV in time to see The Boss (Bruce Springsteen) and the halftime show and settle in for either the conclusion of an epic game, or enjoy the snacks and take in the end of a blowout.

I will give my views and picks in my next posting and as usual I will give the disclaimer that the chances of my pick being right is probably 50% at best. But I will say this now It will be either a blowout or a field goal game...find out which way I am leaning, Pittsburgh of Arizona and how next time!

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