Saturday, January 31, 2009

Prediction time...for whatever that's worth

It is 1 day away and both the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals are ready to hit the field to compete for the Lombardi Trophy.This is a very difficult game to break down because it is difficult to know what teams are coming to play. The Cardinals have been underdogs all post season and twice at home and that is almost unheard of but with the terrible history of this franchise it is difficult to become a believer. Larry Fitzgerald has emerged as the best receiver in the NFL and will command a lot of attention. Will he be able to overcome the inevitable double teams or will that extra attention open things up for the running game or Anquan Boldin?

Regardless of the Cardinals offense one can’t overlook the defense from the Steelers. They have made there mark by playing a solid defensive game, and as they say defense wins championships but now they are up agents a veteran QB with a lot of weapons. The benefit that Pittsburgh has is that Kurt Warner has a tendency to hold onto the ball too long and can be prone to sacks and fumbles and with Troy Polamalu lurking around interceptions may not be out of the realm of possibilities.

Ben Rothlesburger has banged up ribs and Hines Ward is also banged up and thais is where the game selection becomes merkey. The defense of the Steelers should be able to contain the Cards, but can big Ben and Ward be healthy enough and be able to do enough to be successful? That is why this game is either going to be a barn burner or a 30-13 blowout for the Steelers.

My logical sense is that the Steelers will be the team to raise the trophy, I think that Ben will be able to just enough to win.That being said would I rather the Cards win? Yes I hope that they do. Will I be surprised if the Cards pulled off another unlikely upset? No...could I be more on the fence? Probably not.

I think that this will wind up being close and am guessing on a 30-24 Final in favour of Pittsburgh.
Get you chips, dip, fingerfoods, Beer and Soda ready sit back and enjoy the game

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