Friday, April 17, 2009

And Then BOOM! - Retirement

John Madden has announced his retirement from broadcasting NFL games on NBC’s "Sunday Night Football". Madden has been in the booth since 1979 after leaving the Raiders and joining CBS. He worked at all 4 major Networks over his career in broadcasting. Madden will leave the booth and be replaced by Chris Collinsworth.

Madden, the former coach of the Los Angeles Raiders and Hall of Fame member may well be regarded as one of the best football minds in the NFL. Though his delivery may have been the but of some jokes almost like a Harry Carey. John may not have had the polished delivery that Al Michaels Pat Summerall or Joe Buck may have but he did have a style truly his own. Madden was known for stating the obvious with his calls which was part of his charm - (Here’s a guy who see’s the ball better when he has his contacts in). Often in many parodies of him there would be a mention of Brett Favre. He probably didn’t say that much about him as people may believe but there is just something funny about the way that Madden would say his name.

Madden could not be accused of talking down to people, he would talk as if he was right there explaining it to you.
He seems to be a good guy, as he has sent me his autograph so he is A-OK in my books!

With Collinsworth taking the reigns the broadcasts will take on a very different feeling. Al Michaels is a pro and could probably work with a monkey and still make it look seamless and not at all out of place so chemistry should not be an issue. Early on I had little or no use for Collinsworth when he was on ESPN but he has really grown as both an analyst and as a color commentator to the point that he is actually one of the best in the business. He is still a little stubborn at times but he knows the game and has a good sense of humor.

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