Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Round 2 NHL Predictions

The first round of the NHL Playoffs is done after what was actually a fairly entertaining beginning. There were some teams that were over matched some teams that were upset and some that showed exactly what we thought. Every series had something that made it worth watching.So, ok here are the match ups for the Second Round of the NHL Playoffs and some quick predictions:

In The East
1) BOS vs. 6) CAR
Carolina showed some real team pride and had that never give up attitude and Cam Ward is playing pretty well. I never trusted him much but it is getting to the point that his play may not be a fluke. Boston played Montreal and has had a lot of time off so they were neither tested not banged up.
Carolina with the upset in 7 ( This is my long shot pick)

2) WAS vs. 4) PIT
This will be a great one to watch, both teams have a lot of speed and a lot of skill. It may come down to which goalie winds up standing on his head. The battle between Semin, OV, Sid and Malkin should be epic and a sweet dream for the NHL an there marketing people.
Pittsburgh in 6

In the West
2) DET vs. 8) ANA
Anaheim "upset" San Jose but had to play hard to get it done. There must be some sore players and be a little tired. If Hillard isn’t all world like he was in round 1 there will be little chance to take out the Red Wings. The Wings are poised to go back to back and now have the best team both on paper and more importantly on the ice.
Detroit in 6

3) VAN vs. 4) CHI
This is the series that I have the most interest in purely as a fan. After the pace that the Blackhawks played at vs Calgary and the skill they have up front should be fun to watch. It will be very interesting to see that offence go up against Roberto Luongo. The big question may be will the Canucks have enough fire power to keep up and beat Khabibulin aka the "Bulin Wall"
Chicago in 7

Let the games Begin

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Habib said...

Some interesting picks; we'll see what happens. The Caps/Pens series will be great. I like your call of the Blackhawks. As much as I'd like to see a Canadian team move through to the conference finals, I think the Hawks are quietly going to impress a lot of people this year.