Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Head Over Heels

How fitting is it that on the day that Michael Jordan was elected into the Basketball Hall of Fame that the North Carolina Tar Heals have become National Champions again? The former NC star was elected is a star studded class that includes John Stockton, David Robinson, C. Vivian Stringer and Jerry Sloan.

The Tar Heals came out firing on all cylinders and ran out to a 22-7 lead and never looked back. Many wondered if playing in Detroit at Ford Field before a pro-Michigan State crowd would intimidate the folks from Chapel Hill...they did not seem to have an issue. Unfortunately for the Spartans it took the same rout as Detroit Lions games in that same arena, Michigan State came up short. A combination of good team defense that left State turning the ball over both with forced and unforced errors, speed and an offensive attack that was just too much for the Spartans to handle. The trio of senior Tyler Hansborough, Final Four MVP James Ellingtons and the overall play of Ty Lawson who set finals record with 8 steals.

This game marked the end of Tyler Hansborough’s collegiate career, and to many it is one of the most outstanding and possibly one of the greatest college careers ever. He leaves being the ACC highest scoring player and as a National Champion. It is up to much debate about how he will be in the NBA. Will he be a star or will he become a Christian Laettner type guy, who knows? (I know comparing a Duke player to an NC player should not be done but the similarities are there)

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