Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Making the Cut - Olympic Edition

Even back at the 2006 Olympics they were already looking towards Vancouver in 2010. They said that there was going to be a youth movement for the Men’s Olympic Hockey team in 2010. While there will be a much younger flavour to the team regardless of who is chosen and who is left off there will also be a decent number of return players as well. It will be interesting to see what mix that Steve Yzerman decides to go with. It is believed that he and his management team are going to fill roles and not just take a team of offensive skill or household names. That may open up the door for players that have some versatility and can be used in a variety of positions. Drew Doughty, Milan Lucic and Patrick Sharp are a couple of that type of player that people may not think of right off the bat but offer several options for Mike Babcock. Lets just say that they are an upgrade from others that have filled that role in the past (Rob Zamuner and Scott Hannan, I’m looking in your direction)

There is sure to be much debate as for players and lines but also the leadership. Mario is gone, Yzerman is gone and Sakic is gone. Do you give the "C" to Sidney Crosby, fresh of a Stanley Cup win but not being on the last Olympic Team and having limited international experience. Is Scott Scott Niedermayer a real leader or just a guy that is successful and has won everything? Maybe Jarome Iginla might be the direction to go. He is a guy that has played a lot for Canada, been the leader of the Flames and plays a 2 way game- skill and physical play both come naturally to him. It shows that he can also lead by example as well as with words. I have to say that he would be my first choice but there will probably be a lot of pressure from outside people in hockey as well as the sponsors and marketing people to get Crosby the "C". I am sure that Pierre McGuire will put his vote in for Sidney sooner rather then later. (Is Sid allowed to wear a Nike Team Canada Jersey in his role as Mr. Reebok? Just askin’.)

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