Sunday, August 30, 2009

Storming The Banks Of Lake Minnetonka

Not unlike Sports Illustrated who ran a cover that said 100% Favre Free Issue, I hope that this is one of the few postings that I will have to make regarding Brett Favre. I hope that everyone enjoyed my little song that I wrote a week ago.

Who said that the Circus isn’t alive and well? To prove that look no further then Brett Favre back in the NFL with Minnesota ...Shocking! Does anyone remember the story of the boy who cried wolf? Clearly no one in the media does. To any of those who thought that he was actually going to walk away and not play this year were either in denial or delusional. This guy for the last, probably 4 years has played the same game with the media and played out his decision for as long as he could. Do I blame Brett for not knowing if he wanted to play or not, NO. Do I blame Brett for waiting so long every year, NO. Do I blame the media for continually bringing up rumors and speculation about a potential return, ABSOLUTELY. Everyone should have learned long ago that with this guy believe it when you see it. Just don’t bother to speculate, don’t guess, just don’t give it any lip service. It does no one any good.

Now I am not going to let Brett off the hook. The way that he has handled things throughout his "later years" has been for lack of a better term unsavory. Just say your body takes longer to recover and your not sure if you can do it or that training camps are too much then we are ok. Just don’t insult the media, the fans and the league by standing at a podium twice and announcing in a tearful speech how you are retiring and you know the time is right, if there is doubt let it be known, enough with the dog and pony show. He could have saved face and not come out looking like a douche had he just been a little more up front and honest.

Nothing is much worse then his latest press conference when he was talking about his daughter and how she told him to go out a win one more Super Bowl. I find this all a little over the top, you can use the family to spin things but even this is a little over the top. It isn’t a Disney movie and he is not Denis Quaid (I’m sure that it will be soon after he actually retires in 3-5 years). That whole thing was a series of, I don’t want to say lies but lets say untruths. The time lines about calls and contracts was very transparent. The only people I feel worse for then the fans and the public were the 2 would be Vikings QB’s John David Booty, Tarvaris Jackson, and Sage Rosenfels. They were the true victims and it would have been nice if the Management and the coaches treated them like professionals.

All that is left now is to see how his arm holds up and place bets on how long until he shows up on an upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars.

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