Wednesday, August 05, 2009

NCAA Football - The Most Important Regular Season In Sports

The pre-season power rankings are in for the NCAA football season and once again the favorites are who you’d expect 1 through 5 are the usual suspects - 1. Florida, 2. USC, 3. Oklahoma, 4. Texas, 5. Georgia. This is a good list for starters just because there is no Ohio State Buckeyes listed- hate the Buckeyes. Even if Michigan is bad and STILL rebuilding there is always room to hate on Ohio State.

A lot of people have little interest in NCAA football up here north of the boarder until of course it is Bowl time and it is perceived that the games mean more then anything... especially on Proline. The beauty of the NCAA football season is that every game is like a March Madness game if you are one of the top teams.

When each week is a must win it puts a lot of importance on each game. The only other sport that come to mind that places that much emphasis on winning during the regular season is tennis. It is the only one that offers a match play type setting and 1 bad day will end your chances for a tournament victory. 8-8 can get you to the playoffs in the NFL, 40-45 wins usually get you in in the NBA, 90-72 may get you moving to post season play in MLB. In golf you can have a bad round but you can have make a comeback in the 3 remaining rounds. NASCAR you can crash out a couple races but still have enough points to qualify for the Chase.

1 loss usually means that you are out of the running for a national championship. Every week is a must win and that makes for some exciting games. Sometimes you can get lucky and loose early and have enough time to get back into title contention. Lose late and you are almost assured of playing yourself right out of contention. Talk about a lot of pressure on kids who for the most part don’t "get paid"... I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

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