Thursday, July 17, 2008

NASCAR Silly Season Indeed

Apparently NASCAR has decided to follow in the path made throughout the years by Hollywood and the WWE...the power couple or in this case alliances. Maybe that is where Survivor and The Apprentice got the idea from. With the most recent addition to Hendrick Motorsports, Mark Martin, giving the team 4 of the premier drivers in the series. Is it any wonder that Ryan Newman is leaving Penske Racing? Funny how that decision was made after Tony Stewart asked and was released from his contract next year to not only join but be part owner of the now Stewart/Hass Racing Team. That will have one car filled by Tony but who could be in line to drive the second car, is there anyone without a ride for next year? (Ryan Newman I am looking in your direction). With the money that is needed to run and actually be able to compete there is little chance for small teams to compete let alone qualify half the time.
Being a Jimmie Johnson fan it doesn’t bother me as much as some others because he is the back to back reigning Champion and that ain’t not bad.

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#20 fo lyfe said...

This is a disturbing image but a good post. As a fan of Tony Stewart I was intrigued to read it. Not sure I think his idea is a good one, but we'll see. He did pretty well with Gibbs his entire career -- two championships and all top 10s in his career, but I guess we'll see how this experiment goes.