Monday, July 14, 2008

The Stars Come Out

We have hit the "midway" point of the baseball season and it is All Star time. Of all the major sports except for maybe NASCAR the MLB All Star game is the only game that can be played close to what the game is actually like. Any of the contact games are just too risky for players to go all out for little or no reason and risk injury.
Unfortunately over time, baseball’s game has turned from a passionate game too more of a spectacle in recent years. Long are the days of the old timers who would play a full game not just 2 or 3 innings, the desperation to win that was once there just isn’t there anymore and the pride of the league in free agent era does not exist and with the recent inter-league play that has come in there is less of a mystery between the 2 leagues. Lets just say the is little chance that you will see Manny Ramirez take out Giovanni Soto at home...actually you probably wouldn’t see that anyway, but you get the jist. Despite Bud Selig trying to make the game "count" by awarding home field for the World Series to the winning league, it is very transparent of his attempt to make the game draw a few more people and up the tv ratings. Lets just enjoy the game for what it is and that is a celebration of the game for the fans to enjoy and a chance to say goodbye to one of the most historic parks in baseball history, Yankee Stadium.
I would have loved to gone there one to take it in for myself but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
For those who are fans of the game I guess it doesn’t really matter. If you are going to get up for a Pardes-vs-Giants game then this will be light years ahead of that. Actually the All Star Game is actually more meaningful then a Pardes-vs-Giants game....both those teams are Not Good.


Katie said...

You mean... There was a time when sports wasn't about money?
I don't believe it!

Go Jays Go said...

I am with you, not too crazy about the all-star game, despite it giving home-field advantage. It is really nonsensical, but I do like the derby because it is ex to watch guys crush the ball. Yankee Stadium is a great location for tonight's game, too bad it is shutting down though, even though I hate the stupid Yankees.