Thursday, July 31, 2008

MLB Trade Deadline

Baseballs non-waiver trade deadline was 4pm today and some big names have been on the move. In the days leading up some big bats and a few strong arms have been on the move. Granted this is just phase one of "deadlines" there is still a push to get things done sooner rather then later and avoid other teams from blocking trades.

It all started with Millwakee picking up C.C. Sebathia, a move that more or less forced the Cubs to go after and acquire Rich Harden in what amounts to an arms race in the NL Central.
The Angles, who hold the best record in baseball went out and got Mark Teixeira from the Braves and made their club even that much more dangerous with a big slugging bat. No guarantee for a World Series win but a step in the right direction for sure.

Griffey Jr. has been shipped to the White Sox. Though getting up in age still a productive bat and a good glove. With the possibility of getting to a World Series for the first time in his career may just be a good motivator.

Pudge Rodriguez has traded his Tiger stripes for Yankee pinstripes. A questionable move by Detroit but a great pick up for the hated Yankees, especially with Posada being done for the season. Farnsworth was not a lot to give away and sometimes I wonder why people continue to do deals with the Yankees, Brian Cashman must be a great salesman.

Jason Bay and Manny Ramirez were thought to be on the move, and so they were.... for each other. Manny has become such a pain to Red Sox management that It looks like they were viewing it as addition by subtraction. Tough to move a guy that you can in no way replace what he brings you on the field but if it cleans up the locker room maybe in the long run it is worth it.
Jason Bay is a good player and they may be able to keep him with the $20 mil they will save next year on Manny. He should be a decent fit with the Red Sox.
Also the Pirates have managed to aquire another LaRoche lad and now they have a full complement with Andy and Adam.

The fact that Adam Dunn was not moved is interesting, Maybe JP Riccardi was right and the strike out ratio and other issues was not far off the mark.

Speaking of JP, it looks like he decided to stand pat and hold onto AJ Burnett and opted not to acquire Raul Ibanez... and so sit the Jays treading water yet again, not in but not out.

Although these deals were not achieved by the 4pm deadline there is still the possibility of moves to be made before the next waiver deadline comes and goes. That blockbuster could still happen, lets keep our eyes peeled on that.

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