Friday, October 16, 2009

NASCAR Hall Of Fame

For some reason it has taken until now for NASCAR to decide to have their own Hall of Fame. With the loyalty of the fans in that sport having a Hall of Fame say in North Carolina where most of the teams call home and host of 2 events a year the ever image conscious racing series would have been well served to have a shrine set up. You know what they say...If You Build It, They Will Come. With the way that the sport has escalated from the deep south and running moonshine and racing on beaches to the sophisticated machines you see today, drivers and fans alike have always had a soft spot for the history of the sport. The nostalgic days of NASCAR are always brought up, the old drivers are held in such high regard by all connected to the sport.

I guess it is better late then never but perhaps setting such a restricted number of inductees may have been a poor decision. When you have an entire lifespan of a sport to take from setting a limit of 5 may be a tad short sighted. The inaugural class will include: NASCAR founder Bill France Sr., Bill France Jr., Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty and Junior Johnson. All deserving and that is not an issue but it is hard to overlook David Pearson, his exclusion surprised many...including Petty. "Anybody that won 105 races and didn’t make the cut -- somebody ain’t adding right," Petty said of Pearson.

NASCAR did not release the voting totals and said the order in which they were announced did not reflect the results. A NASCAR spokesman said Pearson, Cale Yarborough and Bobby Allison were the next three highest vote getter's but did not reveal in what order. As in any Hall of Fame vote it is easy to question the ones who were excluded and where do you draw the line so you can only do what you can do but for the first year maybe cap it after more then only 5 people.

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