Friday, October 09, 2009

Who's Shooting & Who's Scoring

In an ode to the immortal Elvis Presley last night it was- One for the money, Two for the show, Three to get ready, Now Go, Dany, Go. Only difference is that Dany’s shoes are now Teal or perhaps a Sea foam Green and not Blue Suede. In the San Jose Sharks home opener the newly acquired winger Dany Heatley hit the ice with his stick afire. He gave the home fans just what they wanted to see...a goal and then followed that up thricely netting himself a Hat Trick. Not a bad way to welcome yourself to a new team, new city and new fan base.

After a summer of turmoil, speculation, questions and complaints nothing could have been better for not only Heater but for the Sharks. Joe Thornton ended the night with 4 assists and the line of Heatley, Thornton and Setoguchi looks to have clicked so far.

This was almost just as bad as it could be for his old club, the Ottawa Senators. Seeing what they are missing and what could have been can be nothing but a kick in the "pads". Sure they managed to squeak out a victory over the NY Islanders 3-2 in overtime but when you not only look at the difficulty that they had with a lesser opponent but also the struggle to score.
Granted that it is still VERY early in the season but not too early to tell that this team is going to have major difficulties scoring. The top looking lines have been the "energy lines" or "3rd and 4th lines". They are outplaying the others enough that the coach even rewarded them with power play time. The top lines don’t look like they are great at creating a lot of offence and nor does the rest of the team. Just take a snap shot of the 2 regular time goals that were scored. The Peter Regan goal was a lucky jam play after the puck left the ice surface, hit the mesh and came back in...the players all stopped, the reffs didn’t see it and then the puck was in the net...Fluke. The second by Matt Carkner was a bank shot from behind the goal line that banked off the goaltenders stick and trickled over the line. Sure a goal is a goal but these type of goals are not something that can be counted on in a game by game basis . Then look at the goals Dany scored, wrap around top shelf, snap shot while storming in down the wing and finally a penalty shot for the Hat Trick. Not only were they goals but they were pretty goals, goals that seemed not effortless but easier.

It could be a long season if they aren’t going to be able to manufacture goals 5 on 5. Again, it is only 2 games in and there is a lot of time for the guys to get thier feet wet and have the new guys get used to playing with one another. I am just saying that matching the number of goals is one thing matching the threat is quite another. I will presume that a goalie is going to be a lot more intimidated with Dany Heatley coming at him then Jonathan Cheechoo.

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