Monday, September 29, 2008

Around the Horn

The Mets managed to choke out another September collapse, the second time in 2 years.
This time it was’t to the epic proportion it was last year but still not good.
It was kind of a weird atmosphere after being eliminated from the playoffs to have a celebration to close Shea Stadium, it sure was no Yankee Stadium.
Question: How does Omar Minaya get a 4 year extension with this team? and, How can a bullpen be that awful?

Win less St. Louis Rams fired coach Scott Linehan?
0-4, no hope for a turn around, what took so long?
Marc Bulger must be the happiest man in town today, he may get to see the field again.

CC Sabathia threw a complete game on 3 days rest for the 3rd time in a row.
Either he is a freak or it proves that like I said in an earlier blog, let pitchers pitch, don’t baby them and their arms will only get stronger.
p.s. CC PUT A CURVE IN YOUR HAT AND PUT IT ON STRAIGHT, you look like an ass just like all those straight brimmed punks at the mall

Matt Flynn saw some snaps in relief of an injured Aaron Rogers for the Green Bay Packers.
Good work on managements part to get a credible veteran backup. I am not saying Brett Farve but maybe have traded Farve for Pennington not a draft pick. There must be a one of the Detmer’s or isn’t there another Hasslebeck out there looking for work

T.O. got 1/3 of all the plays that the Cowboys ran, and they lost and he complained about not being used enough.
Marion Barber had 8 runs and Felix Jones didn't get 1 play from scrimmage. I think that they may have more of a beef about not getting the ball enough. Probably a good reason why the Cowboys lost

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