Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 3 NFL Picks

Coming off the heels of a 7-8 week I am not looking forward to this weeks games. Looking at the Proline form there are a lot of games that i just don't like and lines that further complicate matters. It is tough to determine if teams are as good as they look or as bad as they seem. That is why we play the games. So without further delay here are this weeks picks against the spread. I am going to need a lot of luck this week, the confidence just isn't there.


Tom said...

I agree with most of your picks. Although Buffalo winning by 10 could be problematic. I'd be most worried about Carolina and St. Louis covering, especially the Rams.

Picks look good overall though.

Tom said...

P.S.- There's a good site out there that's good for keeping track of football picks, and it goes against the spread. It's called, and you can make your picks there. It will even give you a live scoreboard on Sunday, so you know that you might be 5-3 halfway through the second quarter. It's pretty good.