Thursday, September 18, 2008

No-mar baseball for Garciaparra

Mr. Mia Hamm- Ramon (call me Nomar) Garciaparra went down...again with an injury. Quick someone call Ripley's because they arn't going to believe it. It seems that every time you turn around this once decent and relatively solid player is dinged up and missing time. I never got the allure of Ramon even when he was having somewhat productive years in Boston how people thought he was as good as they did. I am glad that GM Theo Epstine dropped him when he did, goes to show that he is a top rate GM. I too thought he was over rated then and even more so now and yet teams keep throwing money at him. To me he is just an average player who's OCD type behaviour at the plate is just difficult to watch, with the feet and the gloves and, well, the whole production. When watching the highlights from the game I thought I was watching soccer (I guess being married to the best female soccer player that the US you pick up the same traits) when the announcer said something like... And Garciaparra goes down like he was shot!
Not the first time someone has said that about Ramon and it probably won't be the last.

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