Friday, September 12, 2008

NFL Picks Week 2

Around the Horn will be moved from its regular Friday Time slot to make room for the NFL Picks.
It will be moved to a yet to be determined day so STAY TUNED!

So here is the plan. Friday’s I will post my NFL Football prognostications for each weeks games. I am starting Week 2 so I could see some of the teams in action and try and get a feel.
I will give the final tally on Tuesday as to the success/FAILURE rate. Games will be selected against the spread that has been provided by Proline at the time of the predictions.
Over the course of the season I will keep track of the record and use that to prove why I should NOT play Proline.
I am by no means saying I am an expert, or that I will even hit 50%, heck I don’t even think I would take my own advice (also note that this is going in early on Fridays before some injury reports.....Ok, Ok enough excuses) but maybe I will get lucky and end up with a good record. Who knows. Let the games begin!


Tom said...

I'm guessing you're taking the team in bold?

If so, then I disagree with your first pick. I think KC will take the Raiders. They stayed close with the Patroits, while Oakland got killed last year.

I also think GB will take the Lions. The Lions are my team, but they suck every year.

Those and the Houston game are the ones I disagree with the most.

You also never made a pick for Giants/Rams.

Chipper said...

Woops good eye (it is the teams in bold) ... Taking the Giants -10.5, I too like the lions but until they show me something sustained they make me uncomfortable...lets see how these play ou